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Zebras & Unicorns: The Dutch e-bike-startup QWIC and their plans for Vienna

from left: Jasmin Spreer & Taco Anema/ picture Anema ©Philipp Lipiarski
from left: Jasmin Spreer & Taco Anema/ picture Anema ©Philipp Lipiarski

When Taco Anema founded the startup QWIC E-Bikes together with Michiel Hartman in Amsterdam in 2006, the e-bike trend had not yet begun. Today, e-bikes are more in demand than ever. That’s why the startup is now coming to Vienna for the first time with its own shop and wants to conquer the Austrian market. In conversation with Jasmin, Taco discusses the boom and potential of cycling, the sustainability of e-bikes and his vision of the city of the future.

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